By seeking your votes towards our aspirations of becoming the Governor and Deputy Governor of Lagos State from May 29, 2019, my deputy and I will leverage the achievements of previous governments to make Lagos State a model state, where the private sector will be continuously galvanized to serve as the engine of economic growth and channels for delivering collective prosperity.

Our victory at the 2019 gubernatorial election will offer the people of Lagos State a valid opportunity to see Lagos of their dreams as we are determined to take the state to a greater height. We will explore our positions as leaders to create an enabling environment and a stronger working relationship with every relevant stakeholder in the socio-economic ecosystem of the state.

Specifically, our government will invest in the productive capacity of our people by providing quality education, healthcare, viable environment and infrastructural development. Upon us rests the mandate to improve the lives of our people and make Lagos work to our collective benefit, and these; we will deliver!